In a world where cell phones speak enough, or do they?

by lotc22

Long story to tell BUT I think it is important ,THINK 🙂

So early this year my husband was in a car accident ( not his fault ) , damn those insurance companies that are not on your side. So we had to hire a attorney. Long story LONG – the legal assistant was amazing to us . Always helpful, seemed super sweet , and oddly enough genuinely had interest in our  best interest. Myself, I couldn’t get enough of complaining about what happened and how our world was shaken . Couldn’t stop complaining ( cause that’s what I do – Diva style) about this that and the other. Soon my professional attitude was out the door and my WWE DIVA ways , well mostly Mariah Carey ways minus the craziness was full forced. I was me.

Vanessa ( legal assistant ) no longer could be her trained “professional” self and had to engage and laugh with me … or at me ? Still not sure lol. So after 6 months of everyday chatting , her living in Los Angeles as I like to say El Lay haha, and me living in San Diego we still never met to sign anything… all internet . As I sit her telling this story I’m trying to get to the point of how our friendship started … gawd I still don’t even know.

One day we started emailing back and fourth more about our days and not about our case. I always end my emails with hope you have a wonderful day … always start them with hope all is well. That’s just sweet DIVA me :))) Eventually she started elaborating on her day , and I had no problem with it. In fact I loved it. Looked forward to her emails and or response. FOR GOD SAKES PEOPLE I TALK TO MY TODDLER ALL DAY lol ( no complaints but geez) an adult convo here and there is pretty damn nice.

After hundreds of emails, hundreds of stories told, we swapped phone numbers. Again, after many hilarious mommy stories, hubby stories, tears , fears and blah blah we were BFF before you knew it, Still not meeting. All a sudden I was amazed how someone I never met knew a lot about my family , about my favorite things, had pictures of my marvoulous little boy , knew what was in my closet ….. but still haven’t met. Hours of texts messages, morning phone calls updates and more brought us to now.

Still the best of friends that still haven’t met.

In a world where cell phones, and ipads do all the talking for us , where break ups happen, twitter engagements and more – all take place over a tech item is it possible to still be personal thru a phone?

Never did I EVER think so but I feel Vanessa’s and I have a true friendship, a deep understanding of each other, and a true love and appreciation for who we are and our families. Don’t be sick — I’m no where near a lesbian ( neither do I discriminate) but my question I ask you is this … do you think a true relationship/friendship/and business relationship is possible if you have never met the person. Honestly , I feel like I / We have been our true selves and we get along like cheese on a pizza wonder if/when we meet can/will we be just as close.

I wonder if Vanessa truly knows how her friendship has changed me , how her friendship has restored my faith in what a true friend is and how not all friends will judge you and backstab you. I wonder if I have ever sent a text message explaining so? Is it even possible to tell someone that with emojis?